The 15 Best Branded Stunts and Activations of 2018 (So Far)

This year’s abundance of branded stunts and activations may make it feel like a recent trend, but the tactic has been a marketing staple since the 1800s. One of the first stunts of this kind to enjoy national attention was in 1896, where a rail line in Texas staged an event in which two trains…

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Chatbooks’ Snarky Parenting Videos Are Viral Gold, But Fans Said Something Was Missing: Dad

Move over, Real Mom. It’s time to make room for Real Dad. Until now, the witty videos for Chatbooks, a subscription photo book service, have featured a character dubbed “Real Mom” front and center as the primary domestic warrior, traffic-copping her family’s everyday chaos while singing the app’s praises. And so far, she’s logged more…

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LinkedIn Beefed Up Its Messaging Features

LinkedIn added several new features to its messaging Thursday. Director of product, messenger and groups Chris Szeto provided details on all of the updates in a blog post. Users now have more flexibility when it comes to the size of the message compose box, as that box can now be expanded across the platform “for…

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Brash Tech Innovators Are Starting to Ask Permission, Rather Than Forgiveness

Not long ago, swaggering companies such as Uber and Airbnb swept through cities like a wrecking ball, establishing billion-dollar businesses and vast constituencies before regulators could figure out how to rein them in. That’s changing as companies cooperate with local officials before, not after, diving in.

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BuzzFeed loses another entertainment exec to Facebook

Another higher-up is leaving BuzzFeed. Michelle Kempner is exiting the company after four years, where she played a big part in its entertainment business. The company doesn’t plan to replace her.

“We’re grateful to Michelle for her many fantastic contributions to BuzzFeed, and we wish her the very best,” a BuzzFeed spokesperson emailed.

Kempner is reportedly heading to Facebook, following Matthew Henick, who most recently had been in charge of BuzzFeed Studios. He was replaced in May by Lauren Dolgen. Kempner is joining Facebook’s product marketing team, working on video products that foster community. She’ll also contribute to Facebook’s work with creators, per a knowledgable source.

Other top execs leaving the company recently include Jen White, svp of business strategy and monetization; and Greg Coleman, who left last fall after serving as president for more than three years. The departures are noteworthy for their seniority and stature at the company.

Kempner’s role had changed recently. She had served as vp of operations of its the entertainment arm, having risen from publisher of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, now BuzzFeed Studios, which focuses on making original productions for film and TV as well as original digital series. Kempner was tapped to help launch new brands like Tasty and Nifty and scale them across platforms. Earlier, she was BuzzFeed’s head of social, overseeing its franchise expansions.

BuzzFeed Studios was created last November when BuzzFeed split its entertainment division, which had become a catch-all for all entertainment content, into BuzzFeed Studios and the BuzzFeed Media Brands, which handles video for the digital brands, like Tasty. With that change, Kempner moved into BuzzFeed publisher Dao Nguyen’s group, which handles distribution and data for the entire organization.

The company is in the midst of a big transformation as it tries to lessen its dependence on the direct-sold advertising that laid its foundation and grow revenue from commerce, programmatic, shows and platform. In so doing, it laid off around 100 people, or 6 percent of its workforce, as it missed its revenue target last year.

Facebook for its part has been raiding publishers for talent lately. Along with Henick, it recently hired Shelley Venus from HuffPost, where she was head of video, to lead video for the news partnerships team, which has been paying news publishers to create shows for Facebook’s Watch section.

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Microsoft’s Cloud Continues to Fuel Growth

Microsoft’s revenue from server products and cloud services grew 26% in the fiscal fourth quarter as both revenue and earnings beat expectations.

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Instagram Is Letting People Know When Their Friends Are Available to Chat on Direct

The corporate synergy between Facebook Messenger and Instagram keeps coming, as the latter introduced a feature that has been available on the former for quite some time. Instagram announced in a blog post that users can now see when their friends are available to chat via Instagram Direct. Green dots will appear next to the…

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The Big Story Podcast: Acquisition Mania

This is a new podcast from AdExchanger. It will be available wherever you subscribe to podcasts.  If acquisition volume in ad land isn’t up substantially, acquisition value is. JEGI noted in its recent H1 2018 report that value is up 43% from 2017, totaling $140 billion. In the second episode of “The Big Story,” theContinue reading »

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As new tariffs take hold, more see negative than positive impact for the U.S.

Americans’ views of the new tariffs between the United States and some of its trading partners tilt more negative than positive.

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